Aug 2022 Update. Smoothing, Instant Quick Preview, Created Video Preview in App, Precise Video Timeline, Precise Video Time Numerical Input, Improved UI/UX

July 13, 2022

Smoothing of Your Recorded Input

Many of you have asked for smoother videos. The problem is that fingers, while recording, will often create input which is not very smooth. But now, with the Smoothing feature you can make that input smoother afterwards.

So, how does Smoothing work?

You create your recoding(s) in a normal fashion. Once done, tap the "tick" button (top right corner) and you will be shown a Quick Preview (more below..) of what your produced video should look like. Here you have the option of selecting Smoothing level. If you choose "none" no smoothing will be applied. "smooth" will apply moderate level of smoothing and "very smooth" will apply a high level of smoothing. Smoothing level is immediately visible on the Quick Preview video. You can even change smoothing levels as you play the Quick Preview video and immediately see the change it makes. The selected level of smoothing will be applied when producing your video.

For every recording sequence (defined by start of recording, followed by pausing of recording) that you have made, smoothing will respect the frame (position, size, angle) at the beginning and at the end of the recording sequence. Smoothing will apply to all frames between.

How do you like the new smoothing function? Are you happy with the available Smoothing levels? Give us some feedback on

Quick Preview, Smoothing

Instant Quick Preview

You no longer have to wait for your video to be produced in order to see how it will appear. Now you can immediately play it in a Quick Preview. Smoothing level is automatically applied to the Quick Preview video. You can even change it during playback.

Depending on the video and framing complexity Quick Preview may sometimes appear a bit choppy, even when the final produced video will be smooth.

Normally, Quick Preview is created using your original video. In this case, resolution should be representative of the final video, when created.

In case your video is not supported by the player and was therefore "Auto - Transcoded", Quick Preview is created using this transcoded video. In this case, resolution may not be representative of the final video, when created.

Preview Created Video in App

Created Video Preview in App

You can now play your created video in the app. Or you can open it in another video playing/editing app using the OPEN WITH.. button.

Precise Timeline

Precise Video Timeline

For long videos creating and managing recordings can be difficult because recording sequence may appear very short on the normal timeline.

This is why we have introduced a Precise Timeline where you can change video time with a millisecond precision. Precise Timeline also shows your recordings.

Additionally, when Precise Timeline is displayed, you can change the time of the video using Precise Video Time Numerical Input.

Change the video time by sliding the timeline against the time index. The sliding is progressive, allowing high precision for small slide movements and quicker time scrubbing for bigger slide movements.

"Transcode" instead of "Compress / Convert"

We changed the terminology that we use for the process of creating a player friendly, "proxy" video.

Improved UI/UX

We have improved the look and feel of the app.

Let us know how you feel about it (

Thank You!