Dec 2021 Update. Future-proofing with Compress/Convert Video, Improved UI/UX, Monetization

December 4, 2021

Future-proofing Video Support with Compress/Convert Video Feature

So far Frameit was pretty versatile when it comes to video resolutions, formats and codecs it supported. But now with Compress/Convert Video feature it supports VIRTUALLY ALL VIDEO FORMATS AND CODECS!

The limitation so far has been with the video player part of the app. It didn't support resolutions above 4K and some formats and codecs. This limitation is now bypassed with new Compress/Convert Video feature.

Compress/Convert Video feature takes your video and creates a new video that is (generally) of a lower resolution, player friendly codec, and such that time scrubbing is very efficient and smooth (i.e. it creates what is usually referred to as a proxy video). The player is playing this new (proxy) video for editing purposes (i.e. while you are recording).

When it comes to processing your recording and creating a video for EXPORT/RELOAD the original video is used so that you don't lose any of the original quality.

Frameit automatically detects most of the videos that are not supported by the player part (e.g. resolution above 4K, unsupported codec, etc.) and Auto - Compresses/Converts (creates a proxy video) your video and plays this new video in the player.

On the other hand even if the video is supported by the player you can choose to Compress/Convert your video for improved time scrubbing (e.g. compress a slow scrubbing 4K video to a fast and smooth scrubbing proxy video).

With Compress/Convert Video feature Frameit now:

- supports VIRTUALLY ALL VIDEO FORMATS AND CODECS (tested: .mp4, .mkv, .mov, .webm, .ogv, .wmv, .asx, .mpg, .flv; tested codecs: AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, VP8, VP9, Theora, etc.) .

- imports video resolution >8K! (tested: 8K HEVC/H.265, 16K AVC/H.264).

- exports video resolution >8K! (tested: >8K AVC/H.264).

Improved UI/UX.

When you load your video Frameit will now automatically choose portrait or landscape orientation to best fit you video, making the workflow one step shorter. If you want a different orientation tap on the "autorotate" icon in the top left corner, choose your orientation and than tap "edit" (top right) icon.

Previously, for example, if you wanted to process your "rotate" recording and use created video to have another recording run in pan/zoom mode (to get rid of black corners), you had to process the rotate recording and save the video, then go "home" and "load" this video. Now when you choose to process your recording you can use the RELOAD option. This will process your (in this example "rotate") recording and immediately load the created video so you can proceed and create other recordings. Note, if you tap RELOAD you will not be able to go back and change your recording.

Now you can cancel the ongoing video processing using the CANCEL button and go back to exactly where you were before processing started.

We have improved the look and feel of the app.

Monetization using Freemium model

Frameit started as a need of one father to create a beautiful, cinematic looking film of his son. His idea was to take a 16:9 video made with a mobile phone and reframe it to a cinematic aspect ratio of 2.35:1. But a stationary 2.35:1 frame meant that the playful subject was now even less centered than in the original video. There was a need to track the subject. But how? For that you needed a capable (and often expensive) desktop video editing software, time to learn some skills and lots of time to edit the video using the so called keyframes.

There had to be a better way, especially with this capable and intuitive touchscreen devices called mobile phones.

To achieve that the technology had to be built from scratch but also, since this is the only app of such kind, the new editing concept had to be created and such that it is straightforward and intuitive to a non-professional user. Recent changes in UI/UX are another step towards that goal.

During development other features and capabilities had emerged that now make Frameit a versatile reframing tool.

It took several years and lots of resources to create Frameit and get it to where it is now. A robust, capable and, we think, fun tool. And a great platform for new improvements and features some of which are already in the pipeline.

In order to sustain further development we introduced monetization based on Freemium model. Frameit Free app keeps all the features of the Premium app but comes with ads and a watermark (logo). Frameit Premium requires a user to subscribe. You can do so in the app using "Premium" button and native Google Play interface. As before, we don't require an account, login, username, password or any of that.

By using Frameit you are providing support for future development. Thank you!