Feb 2024 Update. Set Exported Video Resolution, Frame Rate and Quality.

February 20, 2024

When exporting your video, you can now set the desired resolution, frame rate and quality.

Offered are the industry most widely used options for resolution and frame rate.

For our valued long time users, the export settings that were used previously (before you could set them yourself) are now set as the default settings: Resolution - AUTO, Frame Rate - AUTO, Quality - good. This provides you with videos where you lose no information (pixels) contained in your original video, keep original video frame rate and get high quality encoded videos*.

Since this is the default setting, to speed up your workflow, we placed the EXPORT button on Export Settings screen at the same place as on the Quick Preview screen so that you can essentially tap it two times to start the video processing.

You can quickly change all of the settings parameters by choosing between two Export Presets: Good Quality (default) and Small File. Small file will produce a video of 720p resolution, 30 fps frame rate and "-3" quality setting which will deliver a potentially much smaller video file while maintaining a reasonable quality.

* Frameit utilizes Constant Quality Encoding which adapts bitrate to video complexity and delivers better quality videos for given video file size than Constant Bitrate Encoding would.